Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wedding Dress Update, Weight Watching and Kaya Beauty, Ramsbottom

Starting to get very excited now, 59 days on the count down.  17.5lbs off and getting browner by the week, just need that sun to come back pronto to top up the tan!

This fortnight has been rather productive.  I visited the dress shop Maria Modes to try my dress on following it’s journey from the US.  It was as beautiful as I remembered and my word I have certainly lost inches.  The back and waist area have taken the biggest hit, I am yet to do the full measurements, but I have had to book in with the seamstress to get the dress taken in, all good.  I just need to ask her if she can nip/tuck tricep areas too J

Flower girl dresses had to be bought again as the girls have grown at such different rates.  Six year old Emily’s dress is an age 8, perfect length but pinching under her armpits.  Super tall 9 year old Jessica’s aged 12 dress is perfect length, but too large around her chest, more importantly, is white rather than ivory.  So new one have been ordered from Debenhams, outsized ones are up for grabs for anyone that is in need!

Friday, gorgeous sunny day, we spent the day with the gorgeous Paula Bland (pictured above with me) and her equally lovely new husband, Dan Butterfield.  I was privileged to photograph their wedding at Todmorden Town Hall, I'll feature their wedding in my next blog, after I have gone through their photos with them!

Honeymoon balance is paid, next on the list; buy travel insurance, then plan all the excursions.  Orlando, Savannah, NC and NY here we come!

I nipped into Ramsbottom this afternoon, enroute to fat club (weight watchers) for a sunbed, don’t judge me, and a chat with my lovely friend Claire.  Claire owns Kaya Beauty, a gorgeous little beauty retreat in the town centre, just off the main run.  Claire will be waxing, preening and polishing me in the run up to the big day, she kindly booked me in for all my appointments, and I am looking forward to being pampered and having a bloody good catch up.  For treatments call: 01706 825009

My wonderful friends from work are planning a hen party 3rd July over Clitheroe way.  I have no idea what is on the menu, but having heard tales of their nights out I am getting extremely giddy, and a little nervous at the same time.  What ever happens I am certain to make a tit out of myself.  There are three costume options for me to peruse, the anticipation is driving me nuts, I am the worse person to surprise as I am so impatient!

So those are the things to cross off the ‘to do’ list.  There have been a few tears shed, frustration over things not happening as quickly as I’d like (impatience on my part) uni deadline of a project that I got carried away with, food poisoning and people in general.  There, I am certain, will be more tears before the big day, as I get more excited, worried and consumed. 

In the meantime I am savouring every last moment as Miss Clare Waterfall.  Laughing out loud with/at my fiancĂ©, snuggling my cat, gardening with my parents, working with the Bowland lot and playing with my brand new Canon 550d camera.

It’s all good.

Love Clare x

Next blog: New wedding, Paula Bland & Dan Butterfield, coming soon.