Friday, 11 March 2016

Introduction to Colour Theory

Coming soon......

Here is our lovely International Colour Wheel. Basic principles of mixing primary colours into secondary. Also the addition of other hues in the spectrum, shades and tones.

This article when fully published will introduce neutralising/opposite colours, and various complementaries. We will also further explore additive colour (RGB) and subtractive (CMYK).

This is a bit of a placeholder for the time being. Any questions you would like me to answer in the process of writing this article, drop me a line @clarewaterfall

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Creating a Repeat Pattern in Photoshop

So there are many ways of making a repeat pattern and here I'll list a few with a little help from some friends (strangers on the internet)

The Define Pattern is a very simple way of creating a repeat pattern (tutorial coming soon), however it does leave rather a grid like, regimented pattern. Great if that is what you are after. If however you want it a bit more organic looking I suggest you follow the tiling method.

This first tutorial from Mel's Brushes explains the mechanics, how the tiling process actually works. The Offset Filter does the tiling automatically for you but it helps if you have an understanding of what and how it is being done.

Tiling - Manually (superb results!)

Tiling with Offset Filter

Experiment with different tile sizes or area selection, here are two versions I did. What effect do these variances have on your pattern?
Larger Tile 600x600
Smaller Tile 125x125

I would suggest you try all of the methods and compare them. What worked best for you in terms of process and results.