Friday, 23 March 2012

New facebook timeline/page cover dimensions

More of a reminder for me, if I write things down they stick in my head.

The new dimensions for the facebook timeline cover image is:

W: 850px
H: 315px

The Avatar/ Profile image is:

W: 180px
H: 180px

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Picture of facebook cover image

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Blood Wedding at Trinity High, Manchester.... not a review!!

Today saw me back in school.  After nearly five months out of the classroom I have to say I had almost forgotten how envigorating I find it!

I wasn't at my home from home, Bowland High, instead I was at my sister Sophie's work, Trinity Church of England High in Manchester.

The school's Drama department are performing Blood Wedding, a Spanish tragedy by Federico Garcia Lorca.  I was invited to photograph the technical rehearsals.  The play is quite heavy for such lively youths but they executed it marvellously (In my humble opinion, not being an expert/ critic).  The whole thing is drenched in guilt and punishment.  Dark, heavy, almost adult but certainly captivating; and what a professional outfit!  Mr Wells and Ms Pierce (picture to follow) will certainly be made proud.  Opening night is tomorrow (22 Mar).

But this isn't a review, I wouldn't dream of it, but if it were my child up there, well I'd be gushing with pride! Anyway, just wanted to thank Tom, Rachel, the cast & crew of the Trinity Drama department for having me and Sophie for suggesting me as their photographer!

I'm not posting pictures of the kids here as I have waived all my rights, so much easier for schools in terms of consent etc.  That being said, the school hosts perfomance photos on their website so you can view them there.

I've asked Tom to select a few favourites of the teaching staff and they will be posted here shortly.

Thanks again Trinity, it has been a pleasure!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Portraits for Brighter Business Solutions

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the ladies at BBS in Ramsbottom for their website portraits.

I have posted my favourites here, but have a look at BBS' website to see what they selected as their favourites.