Thursday, 16 September 2010

Shoes - be prepared for all weathers, it's the Girl Scout in me!

When you spend not a great deal on a pair of shoes, surely you can buy several pairs?
I chose my wellington boots before my bridal shoes.  I knew I wanted a pair of Hunters, I have done since I was a girl, but couldn't justify the price tag for mucking about on the farm or general mess.  Now I had an excuse 'they are bridal wellies!'

I had seen a pair of Iris coloured boots on a bride in a magazine and her picture was pasted into my scrapbook.  I looked for online suppliers, have a fabulous range at competitive prices and the delivery was very prompt. 

The next pair I found were my bridal shoes.  Think LouBou satin pump meets David Bowie et voila! You have my ridiculous, comical bridal shoes.  Ivory satin peep toe with a gold glitter encrusted five inch heel and platform.  Practical they are not, tasteful, certainly not, but they made me smile.  They made me laugh out loud in the shop, the Office outlet shop might I add.  Yes these puppies were slashed to a bargain £30!  I knew I would only be able to wear them for the first 10 minutes of the day, if that, so after a call to my good friend and style guru Kate, I bought them.

Now expecting rain, I was covered with the wellies, but what if we were do get sunshine, what would my immaculate pedicured feet want to wear, if anything?  What do I normally wear when I can’t decide to venture barefoot or not? Flip Flops!

My friend Danny owns a clothing store SoleFood, and they stock Ipanema footwear, he brought a selection for me to try.  I bought the Ivory and Gold pair (pictured) which complimented my theme perfectly, and he gave me a black pair, and a white and navy pair as a resent for the honeymoon, thanks Danny!

So I had a shoe for every eventuality.  I somehow managed to make it up the field in the bridal shoes, greatly assisted by my Daddy’s steadying arm, my Maids of Honours carrying my train, and a whole heap of adrenaline.  By the time I made it to Rob’s side, my knees buckled as my whole body shook with joy, fear and everything else that goes with it on the day, so he took over the job of holding me upright.  As we said our vows the heavens opened and Kate whipped off my shoes and helped me into the wellies for the walk down to the shelter of the bar in the barns.

After an hour the rain ceased and did not make an appearance for the rest of the day, so out came to third and last pair of shoes for the day, my gorgeous flip flops.  Let it never be said that I am not prepared, and never let a girl be restricted to one pair of shoes!

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