Monday, 22 November 2010

Take That - Progress

I have to squeal about how bloomin' brilliant Take That's new album is.  OK, I am a fan, but this is truly their best work yet, Stuart Price (Les Rhythmas Digitales) produced the album and has weaved his synth pop magic through it.

My favourite tracks are the anthemic and powerful SOS and KIDZ.

So far I have listened to the album 9 times, thrice on repeat at my sister Lucy's house, her 9 year old daughter was rather upset that all the 'Mums' love Take That, declaring 'they are not a boy band, they are a mum's band' quite right too, we saw them first!

I had heard friend's views on the album, some were not keen on the new direction, others miffed that Mark was singing so much.  Me, I love it, Mark has a distinct voice that really lends a unique personal quality to the songs, you truly believe he feels and means the message.  As for the new sound, a bit of Adam and the Ants, meets Scissor Sisters, with a futuristic vibe.... Progress indeed.

Cannot wait 'til June 2011, I am watching the boys live in concert at Manchester City Stadium!

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