Saturday, 8 October 2011

Black and Pink Productions - our latest uni assignment

Have been neglecting my blogs of late, for which I am sorry and which I really miss!

Got to blame the 3rd year of my degree I'm afraid (technically year 2/3 as we are part time but is our 3rd calendar year).  The assignments have stepped up like ten gears! Becky and I are working on a game and in that there is so much work involved I have set up a separate blog so as to not swamp this one.

Final versions will of course be posted here also, but all work in progress is being documented on (for those that may be interested)

The overall grades that counted to final mark (pitch of 72 was not included) Project implementation - 68, Project evaluation - 70. Not my best marks and not my most rewarding/enjoyable of experiences.

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