Monday, 9 July 2012

Expandable Banner - Interactive Media Design

This was the penultimate assignment for level 6 (3rd year). The brief being 'design an expandable banner for the web'.

I designed a series of these for Rob's company Bigtank Productions.

The banner will animate and expand in three ways. The first sees the tank rotating on it's tracks then trundling across the screen.  The second, the tank rotates but this time fires ammunition out which pushes out the banner.  For both of these animations, the video screen appears in the centre, growing from zero to 100% as shown.  The web address punches out to the sound of the ammunition firing.

The last in the series sees the tank trundle to the centre of the banner and the screen is 'fired' out of the barrel.

Here is the research portfolio that I had to submit also.

Final Marks: 73 = First

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