Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pitch Document - for my own portfolio...

OK, I know this sounds really daft, but I am having to pitch to design my own portfolio.  It's Uni, it's a situation that would never crop up... unless it was for your company, you had other designers on board and you had forgotten how to design.  I'm struggling to think of a relevant example but anyway.  

The theory is, we are learning the skills of pitching, which we are going to have to do for a while to get work until we get a huge name for ourselves and we take the decision to not to do them anymore!

So this is a bit backward, but here is the pitch document for the portfolio that I have already designed and created.

I couldn't use the new branding that I designed as I have 'not been commissioned to do it yet'.. so I started from scratch and used the old brand.

For the complete assignment I was awarded 73 points

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