Friday, 9 August 2013

Why Blog? - My research report

As part of our final assignment we were required to research an area that would benefit our group project.  The project was creating an online wedding planning tool for Brides and Grooms to be, for a pretend client "Wedding Proposal".

As an avid user of the social networks, as a tweeter, reader, photography fan, blogger I decided to see if blogging and the social media platforms were really worth all the hype.

Of course as a user I enjoy them, it is part hobby, part entertainment, part showing off, but would blogging actually benefit a company?  Would the time, money and effort invested in creating and managing a blog actually return any profit or other business reward? If so, what tools/software/tricks might our 'client', a small wedding planning business use?

I would also use this research to help create and run the production team's blog, the client's blog, and the social media platforms twitter, facebook, youtube, vimeo, Pinterest, Tumblr

There is a video here showing the social medias and blogs, it's just a screen recording in the event we had to present offline, once a Brownie, always prepared!

This is currently in PDF or IINDD format for I'll post it here as images for now, but will get everything posted as a blog post in the near future (after baby comes probably!)

The appendices, of which there are many, feature all original sources and subsequent findings, can be found on the appendices post.

Before I sign off I have to say a massive thank you to everyone who ever shares anything on the web. All my research was in posts, articles, comments, tweets and responses from bloggers and online users on this fabulous world wide web.

In particular there are those who I have been able to directly quote or take great advice from.  All these people are mentioned in the references, bibliography and photo credits section.  Big number one thanks has to be to Kat Williams of RocknRollBride who not only helped with inspiration for my own wedding, the direction my own photography has taken me but also for introducing me to the work of Emma CaseEliza Claire, Assassaynation, Red Gallery, Juliane BerryLisa Jane, and David McNeil to name but a few.

Images: Lisa Jane Photography and David McNeil Photography

Image from Emma Case Photography Blog

Image: Red Gallery Photography

Mark awarded: 75

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