Saturday, 30 November 2013

More on colour and landscapes

I have discovered two artists recently, I am usually a late arrival at the queue for jumping on the bandwaggon so excuse me if I am telling you old news.

I am particularly excited about these two as they are landscape artists and they use colour in a very exciting way.

The first is Peter McDermott.  I visited my friends Kate and Phil and they had a mug and a few framed prints of his on their walls.  Peter paints his landscapes in watercolour, here are a collection of beautiful moody paintings of Scotland.  But it is collection of graphic prints that are getting me quite giddy in the spending department.  He has a series of posters inspired by the old fashioned railway posters as I have been. He has done a series of prints of my beloved Scotland and another place very special to Rob and I, the Lake District.

You can buy his work online at a number of outlets, I am currently going silly on Check out the aviation pieces and his mugs too!

Peter McDermott's Lake District c/o

Peter McDermott's Vulcan c/o

The next artist is a chap I met at the Manchester Christmas markets.  It was a striking limited edition print with a block of bright red that stoppped me in my tracks.  It was a pen line drawing that has been coloured with acrylic.  The drawing is of Old trafford and is part of his series of football grounds.

Jamie B Edwards' Old Trafford

Now, although I did work for MUTV, as did my sister and a couple of friends and my brother in law Andy still does.... I am not really a fan of football.  Having said this, I was very tempted to buy this as it was so striking. I also perhaps should have bought it for Andy or my other brother in law Phil who is a mega fan, as his beautiful son Callum.  I didn't.  I had already bought Phil a shirt, Andy a load of chocolate and Callum well lets just say it has a rotor and a remote control (shhh it's a Christmas surprise).

Anyway, the only people I hadn't yet bought for were Rob's brother Brad and his partner Anna.  Oh what's that you say Jamie? You do City? Brad is a die hard blue, he also appreciates art.  Not entirely sure Anna would be thrilled with football memorabilia adorning her walls, so I chose a framed print of Maine Road a) it's a nostalgia trip for Brad and b) with it already being framed it stands more chance of being hung somewhere :)

I got home and had a nosey at Jamie's website and there is a collection of landscapes too, including my old home village of Marple Bridge.  My favourite is Hurst Spit.

Jamie B Edwards' Hurst Spit 

Get yourself down to the markets, Jamie is there for the run, until the 22nd December.  The range of Football Ground prints are available mounted or framed at a discounted price so snap them up!

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