Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wedding Suppliers

Wedding List to date…

Had an exciting appointment yesterday at Hyndburn Council office, the registrar for Rossendale, a lovely warm lady, took all our details to give notice of our intention to marry. The notice will be posted at Preston Town Hall, and so long as no-one has any legal objection we will be issued with authority to marry.

That being sorted we were able to book the legal marriage bit at Bury Register Office. We will marry on the Monday following the Humanist ceremony at my parents. We chose Bury as this was where Rob’s parents Chris and Bernard married, we plan to stage a photograph to do an homage of their wedding photo, we are sentimental old souls.

So lots of plans have been created and some fulfilled, although the venue is far from ready, and I only have one more school holiday left before breaking for summer, yikes.

I’d like to share some wonderful resources and suppliers that have helped inspire me and realise my vision.

www.rocknrollbride.com awesome inspiration for all things wedding, but also for some brain and soul food, look at all the gorgeous pictures, cakes, clothes, jewellery, flowers and locations from some of the world's most creative people and amazing places.

Vivienne of Holloway Tabatha introduced me to this fabulous designer, gorgeous swing dresses, sarongs and bombshell get up and cute accessories.

Betsey Johnson ooooooh shoes! Also accessories, undies, jewellery and handbags

Iron Fist if I was not a fan of shoes before, I certainly am now, quite possibly some of the most exciting shoes I have ever seen, other than those on Jem and the Holograms or the Misfits

I cannot show my wedding dress at this stage but I can say that it is designed by the fabulous Maggie Sottero, a design I fell in love with when searching for Mrs McBride's dress. The lovely Lynne at Maria Modes in Macclesfield is sourcing mine!

I came across Deborah Boyle's work accidentally by flicking through a friend's facebook pics, Deborah had painted Chris and Fran's wedding portrait. When you see the picture I think you'll agree she is a most talented woman!

Mmmmmmmm cake...... The beautiful Amy D from CC Cakes will be creating our special cake. CC Cakes have been supplying wedding cakes to the Royal Family since 1963 and I have sampled Amy's talents at many a Queen/ Crilly event so I know we are in good hands.

Other suppliers to date are the ever dependable Vista Print for the stationary and signage, Marshall Ward who supplied the Teatro bridesmaid dresses and Debenhams designers for the flower girls dresses (although I got them from ebay!!)

The Crazy Hog have been super efficient dealing with my enquiry right from the initial email putting feelers out. They are supplying a hog roast for wedding breakfast, ‘yum yum pigs bum’, and back, and belly.

The exact chairs I was looking for were available for hire. The chairs are for the blessing and general seating, these have been ordered with Dale Event Hire.

Ring, let's not forget the ring, I found my wedding ring at Green & Benz in Manchester, I am not a fan of fussy jewelry but wanted something other than the standard band, the selection here is great.

And finally as mentioned in a previous post, there are more ideas and lovely things to fawn over at weddingobsession.com

There will be much more to come in the forthcoming weeks. I plan to have it nailed by the end of May so I can spend June concentrating on my bridal beauty regime with the help of beauty therapist and good friend Claire Gill at Kaya in Ramsbottom Tel: 01706 825009, the wonderful half woman half machine Stacey Elder who will be whipping me into shape.

Next on the agenda, portable gas ovens for heating the evening bounty and cutting cloth triangles for the bunting, at 700ft long, this is going to take some time.

Clare x


  1. Can we also get all the details of who's doing Rob's beauty regime...?