Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Liam Frost new video 'Good Things Are Coming Our Way'

Good Friday was for me a day with my Mum sorting wedding budgets and to do lists, Rob however was busying himself in Stockport at the Garrick Theatre as 1stAD to Duck Duck Moose and Son's Stu Gillies on the production of Liam Frost's new music video.  The single is due to be released 3rd May, but you can watch the video on youtube right now!

The video was filmed in one continuous shot using new technology Red Cameras, don't ask me what they do, I just have it on good authority for those in the know, that they are quite fantastic.  You will see Rob's short clad legs climbing a step ladder, but this is not about him, it is a big fat well done to Stu and his partner Joe.  Let's wish them huge success, may it go supersonic for them, and of course to Liam too.

Clare x

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