Monday, 3 May 2010

McBride Wedding Photographs

Hot Hot Hot

This was my first ever wedding on my own.  I had been an assistant before, but this was the first with me in full responsibility.  Fortunately the bride was one of my closest friends, Claire Wilson, a work colleague at ITV, and I had met her groom Ben McBride on a couple of occasions previously and he was lovely.

The ceremony and reception was held at one venue, a Village Hotel in Nottingham.  Claire’s sister, Nicola Wilson, is a wedding co-ordinator for the chain so they were in excellent hands.  The hen party was also arranged by Nicola at a Village Hotel near Manchester and we had a riot that day also.

The weather was staggering, in fact it was the hottest day of the year.  Poor Claire in her gorgeous Maggie Sottero ‘Riley’ dress, suffered the swealtering heat without losing her ‘cool’ or huge smile all day.

We took the bride and groom to a nature reserve that was just around the corner, for their intimate newlywed shots, and returned to the hotel for group shots.  We nailed the majority of the group shots on time but there were additional’s that were not on the list that sneaked in, so we had to break for dinner.  Valuable lesson learnt, group photo’s and alcohol to not mix, it took an age and the light changed dramatically.  That being said, the couple were happy as we were accommodating additional requests on the shoot, and ultimately their happiness was the priority.

The result were some really energetic, fun looking pictures, which is exactly who Claire is.  I cannot thank Claire enough for allowing me to do my first ever solo project for her special day, and her and Ben have both become fond friends of Rob and I.

The McBride’s were recently blessed with the arrival of a baby daughter Amelia Grace, a gorgeous tiny raven beauty, so congratulations to them.

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Clare x

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