Friday, 1 April 2011

Su Blackwell - Books telling stories

Born in Sheffield, a grduate of the RCA, Su Blackwell is based in her London studios where she creates fabulous things, mainly out of paper.

Here are some examples of her book scultures, where elements of the page are cut out and brought to life. Also shown are some of the installations that were feature in the exhibition at the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth last year.

Not only are these pieces a thing of wonder from a practical perpective, they are so delicate and fragile, they bring the story to life, characters and scenes literally jump of the page. They also evoke the imagination of our inner child. As a child I spent many an hour sat in the top branches of a willow tree, or in 'fairy' dens in the bushes where I would create whole series of fairytales. These works by Su transport me right back to those times.

Su's blog


  1. WOW I am really impressed with this work, how talented are you!! well done your creations are beautiful and hold such originality. I would love to see more...x x

  2. Oh these are not mine!! these are Su Blackwell's but oh they are stunning!!!!! I am a big fan of paper cuts so more will appear on here soon. Thanks for visiting xxx