Thursday, 19 April 2012

Web design using HTML & CSS... at last!

So I have dipped my toe into Dreamweaver before, using tables and the design front end, without a clue of how to use HTML.  Finally, the second reason I chose the Multimedia degree, we finally get to study web design using HTML and CSS!

I haven't hosted the site yet, but here is the design.

Confessions....... this is the .psd design.  That is what it will look like once I iron out some glitches.

For now, it looks like this....

Finally got it to sit in the centre of the browser, I put the margin: 0 auto; in the page settings rather than the suggested wrapper, and it worked a treat!

The nav bar changes colour on rollover and active but they don't have the alternating colours as per the design yet.

I also need to resize the header title and amend the colour for the home content background.  Nearly there!

Final Marks: 73 = First

Burning Desire asked me to produce their blog for them, I was delighted to accept the task.  The blog is a wordpress site, take a look here:

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