Thursday, 31 May 2012

What the Font?!

Totally loving My Fonts for their font finder tool, upload an image of the font and it will either suggest one there and then or you can submit it to the forum of the most wonderful people!

I used it a while ago whilst looking for the font for Burning Desire Fireplaces within an hour I had my font, Diavlo!  

Wish I had the chap's name still, or that I had credited him here!  

Well I am using them again this evening, to find this font....

The tool advised me that it was FF Meta OT Normal, available at Font Shop, but in that I am still a mere novice, I cannot justify the cost yet, so will look for a similar one for free or much cheaper.  Deff will note it for when I'm pulling in more spondoolies and would very much like to get it!

Anyway, this isn't about FF Meta Normal, it was to say how fab My Fonts is!!

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