Wednesday, 30 March 2011

All about the paper - Japanese Paper Dolls - Washi Dolls

My husband is a Japanophile, and I inherited an appreciation of Japanese art from my Grandmother. Our home is dotted with artefacts, books, toys, artwork originals and inspired designs.

For Christmas last year I bought some Kokeshi dolls and a bowl from The Japanese Shop. This afternoon I received an email with some offers for Mother's Day. Upon browsing their site I found their Washi Paper Dolls, which I do not recall seeing on the site before, perhaps I wasn't looking.

Washi (meaning Japanese paper) is handmade paper made from bark, rice, bamboo, hemp and wheat, with long fibres, making it stronger than regular paper. It is used in Japanese bank notes and can be used in making clothing as well as crafts.

The Japanese Shop are holding an Ohanami, a cherry blossom picnic in Harrogate Monday 2nd May, raising money for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. For more details of the event, click here.

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