Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rob Ryan Plate from new Ramsbottom Gallery

I am blessed to live in a pretty area, more so to have a fab little town on my doorstep, Ramsbottom. We have a collection of eateries, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Bangladeshi, Southern Indian, Lancashire Tapas - really, to name a few.

Ramsbottom also boasts privately owned shops, lingerie boutiques, dressmakers, delicatessen, cookery, antiques, chocolatier and purveyors of art. On a recent drive through the centre I passed a new shop, Atelier Rose and Gray, specialising in work by printmakers, what a gem! A certain print by Rob Ryan, displayed in the window was what made me anchor on and park up to nip in.

It was this print - All the words in the world. Would go perfectly in my white dining room/ studio, but not with my bank balance, so had to turn to a smaller variety.

My good friend Sarah Poynter was turning 30 (sorry P) and I chose this gorgeous plate also by Rob Ryan as a gift for her.

Rose and Gray also offer printmaking courses, I am down for an introductory course in May, cannot wait. The gallery is currently developing their website, links and welcomes will be posted ASAP.

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