Monday, 15 August 2011

Exciting Day for the country mouse

Spent 45 minutes in Manchester today. Picked up Rob's glasses, bought a Philpotts' salad MMMM, posted a parcel, got a parking ticket despite having another half an our left on the clock and just as I was about to get on the M602 my water pump went on the little fiesta!

Much tweeting, web surfing, bonnet lifting, reservoir fiddling later, I called Rob, my Dad and the AA.

All in all an exciting day! Feel better that I know I hadn't let the water reservoir run dry ( was Christmas when I last topped up!!) Dean my AA man was brilliant a true saviour and good company on the run home, with a recommendation to try the Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester (watch this space).

Whilst Dean was diagnosing the problem I chatted to two year 8 Salford lads who shared their bugglegum with me, even let me have the tattoo!

So just got to await the verdict, or rather estimate, from the garage and see what have to say about my parking penalty appeal.

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