Sunday, 7 August 2011

Photographing comedians in the rain - happy anniversary

Laughter Lines is a comedy promotion company that has been in operation for years, their newest venture is into performer representation.

Husband and wife team Kevin and Penny Bland have set up this new agency representing stand up comics and they asked me to photograph the comedians for the new website, forthcoming promotional material and for posterity.

The maiden crew are Dan Bland, Scott Bennett, James Cook, my husband Rob Hallam and his alter ego.. sorry... Australian cousin Bob Darwin, Tudur Owen and Phil Pagett.

Today is our first wedding anniversary and much like our big day the rain lashed down for most of the day, so all good intentions of trekking into the woods for the group shots by the old mill ruins were shelved. As were the head shots that were also at an outside location. Not to worry as our spare room, soon to be nursery, is in a state of dis-repair and the walls with the patchy old plaster added great texture for the back drop.

The shots have been presented to the team for their selection but here are some of my favourites.

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  1. love the background that all the single poses are against. lots of colour and texture to add to the mix. will now go look at the rest of blog :-)