Sunday, 28 March 2010

Buddha Lounge, Boundary Mill, Afternoon Tea and iphone Easter Eggs

Spoiled rotten!! I was presented with a cup of tea in bed, along with my birthday cards. We are saving for the honeymoon so had agreed not to waste money on birthday presents for each other this year. Rob wanted to get me a token gesture, and as anyone who knows me will know, I am a sucker for chocolate. In that I was born on Easter Monday, my birthday usually falls on or around the Easter period, so I tend to get at least one Easter egg as a birthday present and I certainly never complain.

This year was no exception, Mr Hallam had purchased a large Thorntons egg, yummy, I particularly love the Continental selection, so thought I'd sample taste for my birthday breakfast. Rob wanted to tuck into the egg, and as I cracked it open I noticed an addition, something wrapped in kitchen towel. Assuming it was a selection of chocolate bars, I eagerly opened the parcel, laughing to Rob about how cute he was to add extra bits. The paper fell away, it was not a selection of chocolate bars after all....... it was an iphone!!!!!

Rob had painstakingly heated a knife and sliced (hacked) into the Egg, placed the bounty inside and sealed it all back together. Could I be marrying a better bloke? I think not.

The whole day was lovely, Mum and Dad came over and we had afternoon tea in the Spread Eagle in Sawley near Clitheroe. Would thoroughly recommend it, finger sandwiches, clotted cream and jam scones, moist lemon drizzle and ginger cake, and an Eccles cake. Although I am not a fan of Eccles cake, Daddy is so they came home wrapped in a serviette for later. We were actually a little early for afternoon tea, but they are so welcoming and accommodating, they bent the rules for us. I have eaten here a few times, so can also recommend the Meat Platter, in fact if you just want a drink it is worth coming the the Spread for the location and decor alone. We moved on to Boundary Mill to look for wedding outfits for Mum and Dad, and I ended up buying my bridal headpiece, eek!

Tabatha, Graham, Brad and Bernard joined us for the evening. We had the early sitting at the Buddha Lounge in Ramsbottom. Always greeted with a lively atmosphere, we were seated in the window and served efficiently. The food is beautiful, I had the succulent chicken parcels in pandan leaves, followed by Massaman Curry with coconut rice and for desert, I had to have the Movenpick swiss ice cream. I was a little worried that we would be rushed in that the second sitting is at 21:00, but we were never pestered, even though we didn't actually ask for the bill until just after five past.

I had a wonderful day, despite turning 32, and would like to thank peeps for coming over to spend time with me, and a big thank you to all the lovely cards and messages I have received.


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