Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wanted Rosazissimo Green Louboutins

Want want want want, I'm sick with envy for the gorgeous green Rosazissimo Louboutin shoes that I have seen on the feet of beautiful brides but cannot find them anywhere!!!
To be honest I could never allow myself to spend so much money on a pair of shoes for my wedding. Rob and I are marrying in a field, so my heels will have to be carried with my bouquet until I am on firmer ground, even then, they will be kicked off 10 mins into the disco. Therefore I could not spend approx £400 on a pair of shoes that I wasn't actually going to wear!
With the elusive green shoes unavailable, I trawled the internet for alternatives, with a few possibles, still in the region of a couple hundred pounds. I decided to head into Manchester and see what the stores had to offer.
I stumbled across my wedding shoes in Office (which are nothing like the ones pictured Rob!!!!) in fact it was the Office Sale shop off St Annes Square. I climbed into them and could not stop smiling! The shoes are ludicrous, I cannot describe them at this stage as Rob wants everything to be a surprise, but I can say that there is no way I could possibly wear them outside, without support, let alone in a field. So I was more than thrilled to see that they had been price slashed to a tiny £30.
I put in a call to my good friend, and style guru Kate Deakin, describing the almost comic shoes, and the Louboutin predicament. She sensibly suggested that if I am wearing my shoes for probaly just the morning, whilst getting ready at my mum's, then I should plump for the cheapies that are making me grin from ear to ear.

I still would buy the green shoes if I found them at a reasonable price on ebay, as I know I would wear them time and again. But I am happy with my wedding shoes, a pair I will never wear again, but will keep in a special memory box. The shoes are now at my Mum's ready for the big day. I have had a few practice sessions in them, as have my 9 and 6 year old nieces, and 3 year old nephew. Not one of us have broken an ankle yet, and they still make me grin when I'm wearing them. I can't wait to show them off properly, but for a teaser, think Ziggy Stardust meets pole dancing bride.

Clare x


  1. those louboutins are so cute!!! my motif for the wedding is green. Do you know where I can get those shoes. help me please.

  2. I have these shoes in a 38 and am looking to sell. 2 years late I may be but comment if you are interested still :)

    1. I will buy your shoes if you still have them I have been looking for months my email address is please get back to me! Thanks aleatha xx

    2. Hello, I am interested in buying your shoes! Can you please get in touch with me at Thank you so much! Thomai

    3. If you sell them I ll die!!! Oh please tell me you didn't! I need them for a bride! Thomai

  3. If you still have these please can you get in touch I neeeeeeddddddddd them for my best friends wedding she's going crazy for them my email is cheers

  4. If any brides out there want these shoes I have them in a size 7 but I am a size 6 and was fine in them all day and night if your interested email me at x